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Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or Human Resource Information Management System (HRIMS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) is for human resources software that processes data and keeps it secure. It has many features and functions that make employee management and their account related work easy. Accounts, attendance, loan, tax, payroll, performance, and reports can be handled almost simultaneously with this system.

Objectives of Human Resource Management

Improves working efficiency
Enhances productivity
Enhances ethical development
Improves coordination and communication
Enhances social development
Improves human resource planning
Handles training & assessment
Efficient management system
Effective use of human resources
Enhances employee satisfaction  

Importance of Human Resource Management

It is the most important part of any business organization. Because there are many advantages of HRMS. So, in this section, we would like to describe some importance of the human resource management system.


Increased Productivity

The most important benefit of this software is that it can increase the productivity of any organization. Because it can provide the appropriate personnel in the workplace. Moreover, it can create the opportunity for motivating the personnel about their career. So, the employees work hard to meet career goals that help increase the productivity of the organization.



Increased profitability

When the productivity of any organization increases, then the rate of profit also increases. So, using the HRM software, you can increase the profitability of your business easily and efficiently.


Effective Monitoring

Using the HRM software system, you can monitor and track all activities of each employee. Thus, it helps the employees to be sincere towards the work and influence them to work properly.



Improved Interactivity

This is the most significant way to make a good interaction among employees. This system helps you understand how effectively each employee has used their time and maintain a good relationship between employees.


Conflict Management

This system helps to maintain any kind of conflict and controversy among employees and the HR department. So, this is the most useful system for all organizations.



Award Management

This system helps you to monitor and record all activities of each employee. As well as, this system can manage the award system automatically and accurately.


Enhanced Working Environment

It can provide a fully organized management system. So, it can enhance the working efficiency and can provide the best working environment in the real world market.



Effective Strategy Management

This system helps you to maintain the proper strategy of your business. It also plays an important role to manage human resources properly. As well as, it can help you make effective corporate decisions that will lead to the success of your organization.


Recruitment & Training Management

With this system, you can handle the recruitment process easily and efficiently. Also, you can provide a training opportunity for your employees. That will be very effective for the success of your business.



Asset Management

With this system, you can maintain all assets and equipment easily. This system helps you to create a record of all assets and that will be very useful for your business success.

HR Manager

HR is a modern and responsive human resource management system. It is developed by PHP and Codeigniter framework. It is designed and developed for office management and company employee management.