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There were 359.8 million registered domain names at the close of 2019's third quarter. Nearly 1 billion websites with different ideas are running. developing an idea is just a start of a journey, but taking it a step further involves with customers and make it useable and recuring for clients is not so easy if your idea already matches with someone or you are on some business with the same business model with your competitors. Most customers won’t have the expertise to develop the website, even they don't have time to research online about their business ideas and even if they did, it is not advisable.

In iTeodev, we have a team of researchers, who search legibility of your business model. they search for a focus point, the list features, they did a market study before the product developed. Often many people believe they have an amazing ideal, function and perform, and a lot of things but we always think that the best websites are created from good market research, thorough planning and study, before the design process starts.
Before working on any project we do market research, yes its take sometimes but market research helps our clients to the invented new product. to compete with others on market, market research is very important. It helps to show faults, helps to innovate new opportunities, helps to reach potential customers easily. do you wanna research and analyze your ideas? drop an email, we will do market research for your new business.


Web Development

A website is a set of related web pages located under a single domain name, typically produced by a single developer or any organization. Web Development is the work engaged with building up a Website for the Internet.
Web Development can go from building up a straightforward single static page of plain content to complex Web-based Internet applications, programming, electronic organizations, and informal community administrations.




Websites should be an engine for business growth, not just a pretty design. Well looked web design is like a first choice. First impressions matter and iTeodev can certainly help you deliver that “WOW” factor.
iTeodev always tries to a develop quality website, we believe "your website says something regarding your brand". if your website is not eye catch and user friendly then no one will come to deal with you. that's why you should work with a team that understands the importance of excellence.



When we produce a website from scratch, we do a brainstorm on your requirements, we generate ideas, we choose the color which is relevant to your business. We are not like them who just download a free template and developed a website within a day. we believe in quality, we loved to innovate, we like to ensure unique design and website for each of our clients.



360-degree solution

iTeodev has an expert team, already show our creativity on hundreds of websites and they are running very well. As we are a 360-degree solution company, we focus on our client requirements to fulfill the highest level of satisfaction. We believe "One happy client, refer millions client".

Personal Projects

We offer services for the development of modern web applications using latest technologies and processes. We can help you develop entire applications from scratch, add features to existing products or migrate old applications to new technologies. Our exclusive focus on web applications helps us deliver better end products.